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7 Christmas gifts for everyone on your list!

7 Christmas gifts for everyone on your list!

November 20, 2019

Are you stressing about finding the right gifts this Christmas?

I totally get it! 

I mean shopping is great and fun but the holidays tend to be overwhelming at times! 

I took the guess work out for you and compiled this list of 7 holiday sets that give everyone on your shopping list love at first sight!

1. Mistletoe Prep Kit! 

I can attest to how amazing this stuff actually is. 
I've been using the 2-in-1 Black Shampoo + Conditioner for months now and not only is my hair growing like a weed, but it makes my scalp feel SO refreshed and clean! If you don't know about these products, they are plant based, and all naturally derived, anti-aging formulas. Plus it smells absolutely amaze balls. Like a sexy clean shaven man that rolled in some peppermint. Also- the shave cream, and moisturizer will leave your skin feeling like freakin BUTTER SOFT. There is no other comparison. Ladies, this isn't just for men. We all shave, right?
No shame if you don't. I'm just sayin'. 
This holiday set is literally perfect for any woman in your life. 
Who doesn't need new hair products? Seriously. 
The smoothing shampoo and conditioner duo is AMAZING at helping tame frizz, define curls, and add shine to any hair type.
The hairspray is unlike anything I have ever seen. It doesn't contain any nasty chemicals like propane or butane- so ya know if you get too close to those hot christmas lights or candles, your hair won't burst into flames. Just kidding. Kinda, not really. 

OH! add in the thermal protectant and you're literally all set. It keeps hair from getting damaged from too much blow drying, curling or straightening. With all those holiday parties to get dresseed up for, all of our hair could use some extra love and protecting. 

Then add in the curl cream if you're a curly girl going on the more natural side! This magic in a bottle tames and defines curls, making it look like you just got back from the salon. It's that good. 
I think these are great put together as one gift, or you can separate this kit and include a hand cream in another put together gift! 
It's just a win- win all around. 
Again if you don't know already, these products are all naturally derived, anti aging formulas. They are made with essential oils and plant based ingredients that are also cruelty free + vegan! Like WHAT! Plus they WORK! 
Never will you feel softer more supple hands than when you use these hand creams. 

4. Life of the party! Ahh YEAH!
This set really is the MVP. 
Let's start with the intense repair shampoo and conditioner. 
If you have thinning hair, damaged hair- whether it's chemical or from styling tools, look no further because you NEED this duo. The intense repair line is formulated to help hair grow longer, stronger and faster, while repairing damaged hair to bring it back to it's healthiest state. 
The Renew shampoo is another great staple to have in your collection as well. It helps hydrate thirsty locks and balance the Ph of your scalp, so whether you struggle with oily roots, or a dry flaky scalp, this is a great solution to bring you back to balance. 
The dry shampoo is THE HOLY GRAIL. It doesn't have any yucky ingredients in it. It actually nourishes your scalp. It doesn't leave a gross white residue. It smells SO GOOD. Are you seeing a theme here?
Then there's the Replenish masque.  Oooh the masque. There are no words. It will leave your hair feeling so soft, you won't be able to take your hands off it. 

Now go, RUN, don't walk! 

Wait, hang on I actually have a couple more sets that you can check out. 
You know how they say, " I had 99 problems but CBD solved like 98 of them" ?

CBD BODY OIL is HERE! Not only oil, but body butter infused with CBD too!
Oooohhh and it comes with the jade massage stones. 
I can tell you, this set is like thisclose to selling out. 
Monat does not skimp when it comes to quality ingredients and the CBD works miracles for muscle aches and pains. Rub some all over before bed and you'll sleep like a dream. 
Couples gift? Oh HELLO YES. 

This is the one. 


So CUTE! This one gets 2 pictures so you can see these adorable little bath toys that come with it. 

Can we also take a moment to admire the packaging?! 
Literally just pop a bow on these boxes and put it under the tree. So hassle free! 
This gift is PERFECT for your mom friends with little ones. 

It comes with the Junior Shampoo and conditioner, as well as a detangler spray. 
We all know how messy kids hair can get. This detangler is a life saver. 
If you haven't caught on yet, these products are safe, totally non toxic, and plant based so you can feel peace of mind knowing that the little ones are getting only the best ingredients. 


When I said you can get a gift for EVERYONE on your list, I truly meant it. 
Yes, there is even a gift set for Fluffy. 

What's great about this one is the shampoo is formulated JUST FOR DOGS SKIN PH! So, if you or someone you know has a pup with itchy, irritated, hard to take care of skin, you NEED to add this to your cart right now. 

The deodorizing spray is honestly just genius. I have friends that use this in place of Fabreeze, or other room sprays because it's non toxic and it smells like fresh clean laundry. 

Fluffy rolled in something again? This is about to be a new best friend to both of you. 

If you have questions on any of these sets or products, please feel free to leave me a comment and I'll get back to you ASAP. 

Otherwise, congratulations, your Christmas shopping is finally done! Easy breezy ;)

Here you can find the entire list HERE
If you're buying products for yourself, take the Beauty Quiz to find your ideal routine!

To get some massive discounts, sign up as a VIP and get all the perks! 

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