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Christmas Ideas for Female Entrepreneurs and Boss Babes

Christmas Ideas for Female Entrepreneurs and Boss Babes

December 11, 2018

Christmas Gift Guide For Women In Business 

It’s that time of the year again – time to do our Christmas shopping and look for gift ideas for those extra special people in our lives. In this post, I’m talking specifically about what to get for Christmas for the female entrepreneurs, boss babes and all-around amazing online business owners in your life.

If you fall into that category, use this post as inspiration to fill up your Christmas wish list with gift ideas that will make you more productive and profitable in 2019 and that will give your business that extra edge, especially if you work from home.

Keep in mind that this post contains affiliate links, and every purchase made through such links will award me a small commission (at absolutely no extra cost for you!). Just consider it your Christmas gift for me (and know how much I appreciate every single one of you that uses my links and supports my blog)!

Here are the top 7 gift ideas that every entrepreneur and girl boss will need next year:


1. Inspirational & Personalized Mugs For The Office

I love mugs as a gift, because they are affordable, practical and perfect for every occasion (especially if they are personalized). Entrepreneurs tend to spend a lot of time with a mug of coffee or tea in their hands or on their office desk, and trust me when I say that they can’t have too many mugs.


2. Business & Productive Planners For Lady Bosses

Another super-practical gift idea for female entrepreneurs is to offer them a new business planner and there are dozens of them on Amazon! From productivity planners to gratitude journals and everything else in between, there’s no better gift you could give a woman with great plans for the year to come.


3. Quirky T-shirts For Fashionable Entrepreneurs

Speaking of personalized gifts that strike a cord, how many female entrepreneurs do you see rocking fun and quirky tops to proudly display their profession?

Probably not that many, since such T-shirts haven’t really been made for women in business. That is until Ever Ambitious launched it's T-shirt collection for female entrepreneurs. (You need to check it out!)

These T-shirts and tops are a must-have for branding photoshoots, social media posts and to wear at networking events (they are great conversation starters) for all women in business!


4. Practical Items For Health Conscious Entrepreneurs 

Most traditional entrepreneurs and online business owners spend a lot of time sitting down in a chair and staring into a screen. (On average, Americans sit almost 10 hours each day, the same amount of hours they spend staring at one screen or another.)

So it’s no surprise that 80% of Americans experience back pain along with headaches or eyestrain due to excessive screen time. But when that’s your job, you can’t really do much to avoid it.

But simple practical tools such as blue light blocking glasses and back support braces can go a really long way to prevent such issues or minimize the negative impact of having to sit at an office, staring into a computer screen all that. And for that reason, they make excellent gifts for health-conscious entrepreneurs.


5.  Recording Equipment| Podcast Equipment For The Tech Savvy Business Lady

Speaking of online courses, savvy entrepreneurs, coaches and educators know that the money is in passive income products and they understand the power of online courses and podcasts when it comes to scaling their businesses.

That being said, the ideal gift to offer someone who is planning to either create an online course or start a podcast is recording equipment!

Have you noticed that almost every single gift idea on here can be found and bought over on Amazon? Pretty cool right! The truth is that Amazon’s is an entrepreneur’s best friend when it comes to office supplies, equipment and anything else that they need in a hurry.


6. Self-Development & Business Books


While ebooks are great, nothing quite beats the good old feeling of a physical paperback book. And there are plenty of books out there waiting to change the lives of those hungry for more!

So why not offer one to somebody who you know needs a little inspiration in their lives?


7. Other Office Essentials For Female Entrepreneurs

And last, but not least, if you’re really stuck for ideas, the safest bet is to get some office essentials that every work from home entrepreneur will appreciate.

Here are a few ideas:




So get creative and get shopping!

Speaking of gifts, can you do me a small favor and share this gift guide with a friend? Or you can simply 📌  pin it below. I would really appreciate it!


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