Top 3 Pinterest Myths- Busted!





The top 3 myths about Pinterest- BUSTED!

1.Pinterest Is a Women’s Platform

Up until last year, I would have said yes to the myth that Pinterest is a woman’s platform, as the previously known statistic about Pinterest was that 80% of users were female.
However, the tides are turning for Pinterest. Now the platform reports a user base that measures roughly 60% female and 40% male. Pinterest uses machine learning to deliver a great user experience and show you the kind of content that you have expressed interest in.

If you sign up as a male, the “Pinterest machine” offers suggestions for interest lists to follow that cater more to men’s interests.



2.Pinterest Is for Recipes and Weddings

Some people like to write off using Pinterest for their business because it is “only good for recipes and wedding planning.”
While recipes make up 50% of the content on Pinterest, the other 50% of searches consist of a whole range of things, including but certainly not limited to travel, DIY crafts, collectibles, beauty, fashion, fitness, diet, and tons more.
Anyone searching for solutions to their problems will be looking on Pinterest, so virtually any business can consider investing in a marketing plan on Pinterest.



3. Pinterest Doesn’t Bring Traction

I’ve heard over and over again how people “tried Pinterest for a month” and quit because it didn’t generate traffic or ROI for their business.
The truth is, Pinterest can bring traffic to your online business. BUT, it isn’t the place for overnight success.

It takes time and strategy.

Since Pinterest operates using machine learning, you need to teach it that you are a reliable, high-quality source of information that appeals to your audience.

Have you tried Pinterest for business yet?! Let me know in the comments!

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