Why You Need To Hire A Pinterest Account Manager

“What is a Pinterest Manager… What do you do?” 

Maybe you have heard of a Pinterest Account Manager, or some variation such as:

Pinterest Manager
Pinterest Strategist
Pinterest Expert
Pinterest VA

They all mean about the same thing, these are all just contractors with various preferred titles to their position. All of these positions provide very beneficial services to individuals and businesses. Pinterest  takes a lot of work to totally understand. It is very underrated in the sense of people not understanding the amount of potential blog and website traffic it can bring. When, in general, most businesses with a consistent Pinterest strategy have a LARGE traffic source specifically from the Pinterest platform. For example, Pinterest brings me about 95% of my web traffic! Crazy right?

Which leads me to the next huge point…..


Pinterest-specific services are SO important for your business, especially if you don’t have the time or knowledge to run your Pinterest Business account properly. Let's just say, if you have a business, and you're not using Pinterest- You're leaving money on the table!
Depending on the business, Pinterest services can vary, or include any of these:

  • Account Setup
  • Auditing your account
  • Cleanup / Optimization
  • Account Strategy
  • Analytics Strategy
  • Pinterest Management services
  • Pin or Template design

All these services are very important, depending on which steps you need help with… or, just straight up all of it. 



 I help you set up and create your Pinterest Business account.
Create a new account, and fully optimize it, to get you started for a lifetime of success on an amazing platform.

I help you analyze your Pinterest Analytics.
Figure out which pins are working and which ones aren’t — if boards, pins or descriptions need to be changed or pinned more often.
Analyze your audience insights and figure out who is being drawn to your business account, and WHY.

I help fully optimize your boards.
Are your board and pin descriptions SEO friendly? If not, I'm here to help reword those for you to draw in more traffic (which, in return, results in more link clicks!)

I help optimize your entire profile.
Rewrite your bio description, make sure you have a clear, visible photo to represent yourself. Claim your websites & enable rich pins for you (which will help increase traffic too!)

I help manage and schedule your pins for daily posting.
Keeping your account consistent and create an audience of raving fans who are ready to consume all your content.  Pinterest LOVES consistent, active pinners! (I pin manually and I also use a scheduler, called Tailwind)

I help you follow niche influencers and help increase your follower count.
Following the correct individuals and businesses will help draw more interested parties to YOUR account.

I help you create Pinterest ads and promote your pins.
When you’re ready to go the extra mile, I can help you plan and create the perfect promotions.

I help your account stay current.
By always staying on top of the continuous Pinterest updates and algorithm strategies, you never have to worry because that is what I am here for!

I help take the stress off of you so you can focus on your business!
You will get back more time to work on the other elements that are higher on your priority list. In return, you finally get to do the business tasks that are in your zone of genius!

Sounds like a lot right? 
I do this so you don't have to!
Less stress and more freedom for YOU to focus on YOUR business.

So, ready to kick your pinterest game into high gear? 
Head on over to my services page to see what I'm all about!

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